Scam Job Posting

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Worldwide Global Company has opened a Logistics vacancy in your area. The first month the position will be distant for the sake of adjustment and adaption, with a decent compensation.

Logistics Manager is responsible for:

  • -

    keeping information current in virtual Control Panel with daily assigned orders online;

  • -

    packaging and repacking, implementing qualitycontrol and dispatch of orders;

  • -

    managing with receipting of deliveries and checking goods in.

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    The pay will be $2,650.00 for the first month, with the increase of pay to $3,300.00 starting from the second month, and complementary bonuses from the very beginning.

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    You will be provided with a full benefits package including full health insurance and paid time off. We also have all resources for your preferment.

  • To confirm your interest, please reply with your current phone number, and we will get in touch with you ASAP:

  • - Mobile number:
  • Sincerely,

    Elsie Le