Scam company Europe

Hi everyone,

The following company is involved in fake virus popups and claims to have IT pro's on the phone.
Once they are remotely connected they will do the usual scammer stuff like showing the event viewer with errors etc and tell you that your security is at risk.
They advice you to buy one of the overprised plans.

Have fun with the website and phone numbers.
(I dont know if they are all still up)

Für Deutsch +43720022093 (Für Deutsch)
Pour le Français 0 973 05 15 67 (Pour le Français)
Voor Nederlands +31850644606 (Voor Nederlands)
Per l'italiano +390294758187 (Per l'italiano)
för Sverige +4620110390 (för Sverige)
Depuis la Belgique +3280071349 (Depuis la Belgique)
For Norsk +4780062179 (For Norsk)

They claim te be part of this company: JMF Technology LTD
I dont know if that is true but here are related websites to JMF

Video of the scam. (Note this video is dutch, but the english auto translation does a pretty ok job)

Just found this

Same phone numbers and almost identical website.
Also claims to be part of JMF Technology LTD

And another one preventpc: Home