SCAM Bitcoin recovery expert whatsapp +44 7418 365563

From my experience with blockchain intelligence and forensics expert Shawn when I encountered a bitcoin scam this year. Blockchain forensics expert Shawn Adams has been very reliable in dealing with cryptocurrency scams because he handled my case so quickly, although it took a few hours and I was quite nervous at one point. given. given, but I finally succeeded. They provided all the necessary information, which is very important to create trust and transparency. However, with the help of him and his team, I managed to get my bitcoin back. You can contact him through his email and whatsapp number [email protected] +44 7418 365563 He is a qualified and experienced cybercrime investigator and an expert in his job.

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wait is this an another scam lmao

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yes it is. at least they’re asking to be baited :slight_smile:

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In today’s digital era, the popularity of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin has soared, offering individuals the potential for financial gain. However, with this surge in popularity, there has also been a rise in criminal activities targeting cryptocurrency holders. If you have ever experienced the loss of your bitcoin due to an erroneous investment plan or have fallen victim to bitcoin-related criminal activity, I urge you to consider reaching out to Wizard Web Recovery. Wizard Web Recovery is an approved hacker who specializes in the recovery of lost cryptocurrencies. They possess extensive expertise in dealing with online fraudsters and have successfully helped countless individuals retrieve their stolen bitcoin. I personally can attest to their effectiveness, as I myself fell victim to a fraudulent investment scheme, losing a substantial amount of funds from my bitcoin wallet. Despite my repeated attempts to seek help from the authorities, my situation remained unresolved until I engaged the services of Wizard Web Recovery. If you or someone you know has fallen victim to a phony online Ponzi fraud involving cryptocurrency, I strongly encourage you to consider consulting with Wizard Web Recovery. They can be reached through their website, where you will find more information about their services: https:// Additionally, you can also contact them directly via email at wizardwebrecovery(@)

I sincerely hope that this information proves valuable to you or someone you know. Cryptocurrency fraud can have a devastating impact on individuals and their financial well-being. It is essential that victims have access to reliable and effective recovery services, such as those provided by Wizard Web Recovery.

Formerly I presumed I would never be able to retrieve the money I had lost to fraudsters. I made an investment with a bitcoin investing website in the second quarter of 2023 just to discover that it was a scam. I got in touch with a few hackers in an effort to get my money back, but they all turned out to be swindlers who took my hard-earned cash. I was in a predicament, distraught, and certain that I had descended to my lowest point. All that changed when I came across a review of Coder Cyber Services online. An alternative could not cut to the quick because I was eager to recover all of the money I had spent on that website, that was the end of my troubles. I made the decision to try my luck once more, to which I got in touch with Coder Cyber Services and everything changed. The firm stepped in and quickly aided in the recovery of all of my money. I can attest to their high level of commitment and that they got the best recovery staff. You can also contact the firm by using:
Email:[email protected]
whatsapp: +1 (403) (407) 4307


tried calling the UK number. The line sounds very shit but I think he is Jamaican from his accent, his reaction to me saying I’m in Kingston, Jamaica and the fact he called me a “bombaclat” when I told him he’s a bitch.

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Recovery scammer advertising on the site:
" Cyb erge nie(@ )Cyberser vices(.)Com "

" "

Appreciation review, to CYBER GENIE HACK PRO…!!
I sincerely appreciate your efforts in helping me recover my lost funds from "Bone Global Miners’'. This well-organized fraudulent investment platform sent me an email on their promo investment offers, I felt life was giving me another chance to be financially stable after losing my job during the Covid-19 rampage. I had little savings, I did all they asked and my heart was filled with joy as I thought they were real and my ROI kept rising by the day. When it came to my knowledge they weren’t real, and I hired CYBER GENIE HACK PRO, how they were able to recover my lost funds was really unbelievable to me. Now I really see why everyone was recommending their services and saying positive reviews about them on the internet…
“cyber genie (@) cyberservices (.) com”
“w.a- ±1-2-5-2-5-1-2-0-3-9-1”

Remain blessed.

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Although losing bitcoin can be demoralizing, there is still hope for recovering what is legitimately yours with Coder Cyber Service’s assistance. Their proficiency in interpreting blockchain data is one of the primary ways they aid in bitcoin recovery. By delving deeply into the blockchain’s complicated features, they can spot potential recovery chances that might have gone undiscovered otherwise. Their aptitude for navigating this intricate network distinguishes them and raises the likelihood that your misplaced bitcoin will be found. Coder Cyber Services uses novel instruments and techniques in addition to their comprehensive expertise to help with bitcoin recovery. They can uncover a means to recover your missing funds by navigating the digital maze with their arsenal of cutting-edge technologies. These technologies, which range from specialist software to cutting-edge algorithms, are crucial to the rehabilitation process. Coder Cyber Services makes sure they are at the forefront of successful bitcoin retrieval by fusing their experience with these cutting-edge resources.
Get a hold of the company through their email [email protected] or visit their website

I love these bots

Same sort of scam as Santoshi Hacker, seems like he’s promoting his recovery scam on a scambaiting website. Dumb move, champ.

He enforces the same tactics as Santoshi, spamming as many websites as possible without giving it a thought - a really bad strategy.

He/They seem to use multiple aliases such as Rosemarie zzu,
Willie M Callins
Miller Davis, and others.

This doesn’t seem to be their first rodeo, as I found their previous phone number - +1 (323) 433-3594, with Bandwidth as the carrier.

The current phone number (+393512013528) is an Italian phone number with the Vodafone carrier.

His Telegram (Telegram: Contact @danielmeuli) is a whole other can of worms. His profile picture looks as if he just wrote ‘‘hacker typing into laptop’’ into the search bar and downloaded the second picture .
Probably because that’s what he did.

I will be scambaiting him throughout the next few days and hope that he’s just as dumb as Santoshi and won’t notice this thread.

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Got some info:

Bitcoin address: bc1q6fl023rg5n5c3yzqdrl80k4kmd4vpy9mghck7u
WhatsApp number: +39 351 201 3528‬

Date/Time 2023-10-25 13:08:33 UTC
IP Address
Country Kenya, Nairobi
Browser Mobile Safari (15.2)
Operating System iOS 15.2.1
Device Apple iPhone
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 15_2_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/15.2 Mobile/15E148 Safari/604.1
Referring URL no referrer
Host Name

After my unfortunate encounter with hackers before finding ALISTER RECOVERY, I learned some valuable lessons. It’s important to approach recovery services cautiously and do thorough research before trusting anyone with your assets. Not all hackers have your best interests at heart, and it’s essential to be vigilant. To avoid falling victim to scams, it’s crucial to be aware of red flags. Unverifiable claims, requests for upfront payments, and promises of guaranteed results are all warning signs. Trustworthy recovery services will provide clear information, have a solid reputation, and offer transparent communication. When selecting a recovery service, it’s essential to consider their track record, expertise, and testimonials. Look for companies that prioritize customer satisfaction and have a proven success rate just like ALISTER RECOVERY. ALISTER RECOVERY has got all it takes to assist you in recovering your lost Funds/Bitcoin only if you let them come to your aid by contacting the information below.
Email; alisterrecovery @ gmail com

obligatory “this is a bot” response for those not in-the-know

Online cryptocurrency storage, or digital wallets, may seem safe and convenient, but they are not without vulnerabilities. Hackers often target these wallets, exploiting security loopholes and utilizing sophisticated techniques to gain unauthorized access to your precious Bitcoin. Once your Bitcoin is stolen, the consequences can be dire. Not only do you suffer financial loss, but you also lose trust in the security of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The fear of being a victim again lingers, casting a shadow over your future investment endeavors. Craker cyberdude Recovery services are useful in this situation. These services are dedicated to helping people who have been the victims of Bitcoin theft. Through the application of advanced methods and their knowledge, these online wizards can assist you in getting your stolen Bitcoin back and help you regain confidence in the system.Craker cyberdude understands the complexities of the cryptocurrency landscape and the nuances of online security. They boast a team of skilled professionals who employ both technical wizardry and investigative prowess to track down and recover stolen Bitcoin. To assist you regain your lost bitcoin, Craker cyberdude recovery can be emailed through: [email protected]

Thank you.

I fell victim to a Bitcoin scam when I received an email claiming to be from a reputable cryptocurrency exchange, asking me to update my account information due to a security breach. The email looked legitimate, and without verifying the source, I provided my login credentials. Shortly after, I noticed unauthorized transactions draining my Bitcoin wallet and my money in the wallet was gone. However, a close buddy introduced me to Elite Web Recovery after I had been depressed for days. So I contacted Elite Web Recovery services and he immediately initiated an investigation into the scam that led to my Bitcoin loss. Then he experts meticulously analyzed the transaction history and identified potential leads to track down the scammers. Through the strategic approach and legal expertise, Elite Web Recovery was able to recover a significant portion of my lost funds, providing me with hope and relief after falling victim to the scam. I’m recommending [email protected], the safest and most dependable cryptocurrency recovery service available to you.

Obligatory “this is a scam spam” reply

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