Scam Administrative Assistant Job Offer

I had a person email me claiming to be Jennifer Ditaranto. She offered me a job as her aide and mailed a package to my address. I’m the package was a check of $2,600.

She requested I send a money gram to some person in Georgia saying that was a 'client' she wants to buy a painting from.

I go to the bank to confirm the check was fraudulent and it was.

I'm hoping someone can harass this scammer for the obscene thing they tried to pull. Thanks a million.

Jennifer Ditaranto
CEL: 248-792-8229
Email: [email protected]


I used to have a scam email account where I signed up to get this type of scam email and others too. I will have a look at this and try calling them. Could you provide me with the whole email please just so I get the full gist of what it’s about? Thanks.

Also, if you want to mess around with them, I advise you to not do it from your actual email address but set up another email account solely for this. Use to give them fake details (including moneygram) but before that, get them to believe that you believe their service is legitimate.