SCAM 321-392-XXXX FAKE serious Tax matter

SCAM FAKE serious tax matter

@Cami#112599 Cami the guy asked me for the phone number they called. They are Americans and sound professional. Any idea how to get them lying?

yeah this isn’t a scam, i don’t know if it’s a law firm or a debt collector but, definitely doesn;t seem like a scam

seemed too friendly to even be a debt collector? i asked what company they were and couldn;t understand what she said but, she did tell me.

the reports online that seem to know who this is, say it is an agency that calls about state/federal taxes owed

Lawyers who do settlements for people that owe back taxes, apparently

It's a normal thing and not scammy

anyway good job making a BobRTC link for it

doing all we can to get a good service shut down over abuse

@CometPizzaDaddy#112684 of all the times, I actually researched this number. So I suppose 90 percent of Bob is not scam numbers. I have never been so confused. I am having a hard time not ranting about everything. I am a scambaiter. I enjoy it. Logic is not my thing and this here is logic. I don’t want to ruin things, but scammers have spoofed real numbers. I can prove it.

@Cami#112718 @CometPizzaDaddy#112684 I removed the number. Seems like scammers are spoofing their numbers. I’m not entirely sure if they say the truth but their website doesn’t look like debt solicitor and I give them the benefit of doubt.

[“SCAM 321-392-2825 FAKE serious Tax matter”,“SCAM 321-392-XXXX FAKE serious Tax matter”]