Savimbi Family Scam

Email sender:
[email protected]

Email title:
Investment Proposal

Greetings to you.

My name is Carlos Savimbi .On behalf of my aged sick mother our
family,I would like to use this opportunity to inform you that my
family want to invest the sum of US$ 9.9 Million in a private
investment of poultry Farm in your Country.

Kindly confirm to me If you have any idea on the above mentioned
investment plan in your country or elsewhere so that we will arrange
to transfer the money needed for the investment into your account .
I also wish to inform you that more details will be given to you on
how the funds can be transferred into your account for the investment.

If you found it possible to assist us,Whereby you have other
investment plan in which part of the money could be invested in your
country, you are free to present it before we enter into agreement
with my family.

Best regards,
For the family

I got this too!! Iā€™m gonna bait this one as well!

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