Same old Student Loan Scam 17029196202

They called my 2nd bait # and are back to doing the ‘Voicemail-Drop’ (Phone doesn’t ring but VM shows up) and now it’s “Lauren” instead of “Jenny” who wants to forgive my imaginary student loans.

Same call center as below:

These guys have been particularly hard to track down even though they're here in the US (Likely in Southern California by the way they sound and that's where a lot of these scams operate) and they shed DIDs almost daily now.

I don't have time to call them back today but should anyone here's the recipe:

  • 1. When they answer and say “HI can I get your FSA ID or File Number” (Which they’ve already broken the law by doing this) Tell them you don’t know and don’t remember because you’ve fallen behind on your loan payments.
  • 2. They'll then ask how much debt you have and possibly what your monthly payment is. Say something like $30k and $500/month.
  • 3. Tell them your loan servicer is Sallie Mae
  • 4. Act as confused and/or desperate as possible and they'll transfer you to a 'certified loan adviser'.
  • 5. Keep going and see what kind of personal info they ask you for and see if they reveal anything about them.
  • If they suspect even for a moment you're wasting their time or trying to gather info on them they'll hang up on you and block your CID. If they do, change it and call them back, and try again.
    But sometimes they just hang up and block for no particular reason. I'll post more DIDs too if I get them.

    19258564212 is active

    Got another new DID 17039364299

    “Jenny” is back

    i got connected with “Jennifer the receptionist” and told them I didn’t know what my file number or FSAID was but then said I owed $30k, my monthly payment was $550 and I earn $60k/year.

    I was then connected to a “certified loan advisor” who told me their company is called Student Forms.

    Student Forms LLC. | 6801 Lake Worth Road | Suite 126 | Green Acres | Florida | 33467 | 888-275-4592

    It’s unclear to me if the “receptionists” also work there or if they’re just an Robocall Farm that Student Forms buys leads from but this is progress. Either way if you still ask them what company they work for they hang up and block.