Safety when hunting for popup scams?


I am an intermediate noob in the world of scambaiting and want to begin targeting popup Tech support scammers to take things to the next level. I am torn between using a Kali vm (For access to kali tools while doing this) or creating a sandbox browser (For a more legitimate looking connection).

How can i ensure my safety while doing this, and do you guys have any tips on how i can maximize my output? I’ve been using the standard “Amazon support number | Microsoft virus support | Apple iphone support” searches but am finding very little. Idealy, i would love to attack the site a bit. Would tools like Dirbuster / Gobuster help with finding additional domains owned by these lads? Or am i overcomplicating things?

Any tips, tools, or guidance would be GREATLY appreciated, as i want to contribute to the ongoing Adsense scam war that was referenced yesterday.

Thank you, Much love <3

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For hunting popups, I recommend you try some popup generators like

To bait the scammers further, I also recommend using a virtual machine through VMWare or Oracle VirtualBox.


Is it safe to run the popups on hard metal tho? Or should i also be doing that via VM?

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The popups themselves are actually relatively harmless. But a virtual machine is highly recommended for when they wanna remotely connect to your computer.