Russian Penis Enlargement Scammers (some convicted PEDOPHILES)

Popup - Canadian Best24 |

Registered via Internet Domain Service BS Corp on May 3, 2022 - Whois


Associated Phone Numbers:
(888) 243-7406


"Hello, you are calling to Happy Family Store." Please press 3 in a tone mode to contact with the operator.

+44 (800) 041-87-44


+7 (901) 744-90-56


Associated Email Address - [email protected]

Scammers also do business as

Is the scam they don’t send the products? If they send the products then I don’t understand what scam is other then “evil Russians slava Ukraine” its just a dodgey online pharmacy but not exactly a scam.

Yes, if they don’t send the products then it’s a scam. Obviously alongside other factors - for example their script, prices, where they claim to based - how they respond when you ask for proof of anything and so on.
Welcome… @deadfox


Says to email them bc you guys keep calling! Omg. I have to get through. That voice introduction tho! Welcome to happy family!!



Jesus Christ, that’s a lot of numbers

NEW NUMBERS (courtesy of @SalCScambaits:
(617) 440-9919



(224) 249-6462


NEW POPUP - Pharmacy online-store (

Registered in Poland via on September 12, 2023 - Whois

Associated Email Addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]

The scammers are back under the identity of “Pharmacy Express,” a fake Canadian pharmacy strongly lnked to Yambo Financials, a Ukrainian criminal spam organization that is also behind similarly-named scams such as “My Canadian Pharmacy.” In addition to selling fake pharmaceutical products from India, Yambo was also responsible for hijacking servers, sending malware and selling and distributing CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.


The site, however, is believed by some to be operated by Leonid Aleksandrovich Kuvayev, a Russian-American MIT graduate who operated the “BadCow” spam organization. Alongside six business partners, Kuvayev was sued for $37 million by the Massachusetts Attorney General in 2005 for millions of unsolicited emails per day to drive victims to sites selling pornography, medications, pirated software and fake watches.


Kuvayev is also a convicted child predator, having admitted in 2011 to molesting and sexually abusing 11 underaged girls from the basement of his St. Petersburg office, which was used for a real estate business. Some of the girls, aged 13-18, were targeted from childrens’ homes and are believed to have mental or learning disabilities.


Kuvayev was convicted on 60 different sex crimes on March 24, 2012. The conviction came after he was found to be hiding from persecution in the United States over his DDoS attacks, sale of illegal dietary supplements and distributing CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.