Russian crypto scammers HACK the British Army's social media accounts!

UK Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts hacked to promote crypto scams (
British army confirms breach of its Twitter and YouTube accounts | British army | The Guardian
British Army’s Twitter and YouTube Hacked, Posts Fake Elon Musk Videos (


The official Twitter account for the British Army was compromised to promote The Possessed NFT and Bapesclan. Tmw, the founder of The Possessed NFT, has addressed the issue noting that the scammers spread fake info, asking for some of the news agencies to clarify if they were in fact impersonating their NFT project.

Associated Discord Server - BAPES CLAN PUBLIC (

Associated Popup (DOWN) -

Registered in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands via on June 26, 2022 - Whois

The official YouTube channel for the British Army has also been compromised, promoting different crypto scams using the likeness of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.


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I’m so late, I guess. The UK Army has already retrieved their Twitter account, 2 days ago:

So is their YouTube channel:

those bloody Russians !!

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