Rules are the same as the Terms of service, found here: replace/p/5-tos

1. By using our website "", you agree to follow all rules explained here. Please note that you must be at least 13 years of age to register for an account. follows all UK laws, therefore we will remove any content which violates UK laws. Your account may be suspended indefinitely without notice for any reason deemed fit by staff.

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    Do not post any legitimate numbers, websites or other information here. All information is checked by our moderators, and if legitimate information is detected it will be deleted, you may be banned, or simply warned for this. Legitimate information includes, but is not limited to charities, sex hotlines, or emergency contact numbers. Personal numbers are strictly forbidden. Do not post your friend’s or enemies’ numbers just to prank them.

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    Do not post any kind of spam, or try to derail a thread. Make sure to stay on topic, do not start talking about IRS scammers in a tech support scammer thread. Also, please make sure to correctly tag your posts, though we won't punish you if you forget misc tags.

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    Do not use inappropriate usernames or avatars, or try to impersonate someone else.

  • 5. Do not harass any other members here, if someone wants you to stop, you stop. Please do not misuse the upvote/downvote features, such as mass downvoting someone who you do not like, we can detect such manipulation and suspend your account for this.

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    We request that you provide as much information as you can when posting, such as the url to the scam, phone number, or any other information that is relevant.

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    We welcome you to share any recordings, youtube videos, etc of you calling scammers with the correct tags. Other users will be able to comment on your posts.

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    Our staff team can terminate your posting privileges at any time if they have a valid reason to. If you have been banned incorrectly however, you can join our Discord server and ask a staff member about your ban there.

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    If you think your number or domain has been incorrectly posted here, you may use the removal section to request your information to be removed from the website. To do so, please make sure you include all incorrectly posted data in your post, and a link to the post(s) with your information will also help. If you'd rather email us, our email is [email protected]

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    Please note that content posted on is not our responsibility, and therefore you cannot hold us liable for any malicious posts which are made on the website. If you would like to report misuse, you can do so by reporting the post, or contact us at [email protected]

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    We do not allow any kind of illegal activity on the website, though you may still talk about such things, just don't use the site for participating in such things.

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