Rules broken.

In reference to this: replace/d/1719-malcolm-merlyn-live-stream

I believe advertising your YouTube channel was against the rules. It’s not fair that we tell other members not to self advertise but Malcolm gets to and he stickies the discussion. The rules should be uniform.

I wanted to discuss this with you guys before saying anything on the thread in question.

Also, was he always an admin??

Agreed, and last time I checked I remember he was just a mod…

Also you forgot to add thunder into the conversation, unless it was intentional

@iChutya#8359 I forgot lol…I wonder if there’s a way to add him now.

Yeah, i agree. It does seem strange how you is allowed but no one else is. Maybe thunder could fix it.

Don’t know why but it is so unfair. I only stick with moderator privilages and moderate the posts abd then come across this, Malcom Merlyn is the Admin. Then he broke the rules of advertissing.

I’ve deleted the thread.