Royal Mail scam

Lots of scams in the UK claiming you need to pay a fee to get a parcel. The sites are just gathering personal details for further scamming activity. I’ve found these ones active at the moment:

rm-parcel8319 dot com
rm-parcel8429 dot com
rm-parcel9326 dot com
rm-parcel9327 dot com
rm-parcel7814 dot com
rm-parcel7816 dot com
rm-parcel7936 dot com


@BarrySW19#185007 reported to the hoster

Domain registry Iceland

Registrant Organization: Privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf

Registrant Street: Kalkofnsvegur 2

Registrant City: Reykjavik

Registrant State/Province: Capital Region

Registrant Postal Code: 101

Registrant Country: IS

Registrant Phone: +354.4212434

@BarrySW19#185007 links have been taken down

@drwat#185053 I have question. I have invested in a crypto currency that has a website. That website is registered to this address. I really want to know if they are a scam or not. How can you tell? Hope that you can help me

@Imderick#187504 Hey Derick. Is the site you’re referring to is


I read on every review sites the company is a scam

Definitely a scammer.

Any website you see registered by this guy is likely scamming. But the strange thing is, he (or who he bought his data from) is also a vendor for respected names (allegedly respected) like Symantec.

He/they send “newsletters” out. They contain an address to write to for unsubscribing. The address is nearly always a UPS or FEDEX store in the US (a mail box). They have put addresses of legitimate businesses before that they are nothing to do with. I’ve visited such companies’ websites and found they have a posted disclaimer that they are not involved and I’ve corresponded with attorneys at companies before who are trying to stop the criminals behind this stream of spam.

Another comm thread you notice is Namecheap being involved as the site domain registrar. This scammer (or group?) registers a large number of domains to use for redirect hops to service their spams.

Another common thread/modus operandi is that they include an image or two in their emails which they host on ... the guys at Imgur are VERY responsive as they know me well from years of dealing with the crap from the criminals behind this scam operation. They often delete the images within minutes of getting a report, and I don’t hang around when I get a spam from these fools. Imgur (and other sites) have clear terms of service prohibiting use for spam image content delivery.

When they used Amazon AWS for hosting there was a particularly strong pushback from the hosted site owner claiming they were a “compliance company” ensuring subscription and unsubscribe routines were being honored. Well if they are so happy to do that, why does the unsubscribe not work, and why are they so fond of fake “news websites” which claim Dragons Den support for mad items they are flogging, TV Doctors support for wildly crazy cures, etc.

Report all the emails by learning how to use (by Cisco) which you can do free or pay a small amount to support it and get a faster service.

These people are and need treating as such. Be careful out there!

@Imderick#187504 I think I signed up at the same website you did. Promised me 2000 for a 300 investment. Then asked me to fork out 1500 for an “upgrade”. I’m so pissed

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Do you mean the websites: I m sure that it is a scam website. And there is another scam: All you guys should stay away.

@drwat#185053, right bro?