Romance Scam - [email protected]

There is a scammer that claims that they can save marriages, “from divorce”. I saw this comment left on a wiki page:

"With so much in my heart, I am here to speak out about how priest manuka saved my marriage from divorce. My husband and I had misunderstandings and it was tearing our marriage apart as my husband sought a divorce. So I have no choice but to go in search for solution on the Internet to find a solution to my problem. This is where I came across the details of priest manuka and how he has helped a lot of people by restoring their relationship. I contacted him and within 7days my husband canceled the divorce papers he filed. Now my husband and I live together in peace and harmony, all thanks to manuka temple for saving my marriage from divorce. I highly recommend his services. Email: ([email protected]) Thank you! priest manuka juliet"

I've seen many types of this scam, and they all have similar posts to this one. Also, this comment was removed from the wiki page.


Thanks for info…

Email reported to gmail/google

Scambaiting/wasting his time now