Robocalling healthcare scam "United Enrollment Services"

On 6th Oct 2020 at 05:45 pm EST I received a robocall from spoofed callerID 775-848-4080 claiming it’s enrollment season it seemed to be a screening avatar, handing me over to a live agent, probably Filipino, asking me for my name. Then I got transferred over to the American scammers.

They identified as United Enrollment Services
Callback number: +1 561-257-0398 | agent name: Will

They violated the TCPA and are not willing to pay me compensation / settle. Give them hell !

“Is this Will?” YES. “What is this enrollment thing about?” YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER, HUNG UP.

@vibe3net#162838 Yeah GoDaddy sucks. Just about all the student loan scam websites they are who comes on with the I have reported the student loan scam to them with pictures of a text message I received promising a 0 dollar a month payment plan. Even with the evidence in black and white they still sided with the scammer.

Then put GoDaddy in wall of shame with a lot of proof. They deserve to be put there.

@NeeP#162833 I’ve just started getting these calls also, 3 times a day for the past month now I’ve got 5 of their numbers so I’m going to start spamming them with calls now

Found the company owner’s info:

Facebook-Profile: Redirecting...

Email: [email protected]

Florida company records:
Matt will deny any wrongdoing

The other manager is William John

712 NW 90th Terrace, Plantation, FL 33324, USA

@jan00#171105 Good. Use a burner to get their calls or to dial them back.

My office line has been harassed by UNITED ENROLLMENT for months. I’ve simply been hanging up and blocking the numbers, only to be called by a different number again. Today, I held and spoke to a call center agent, asked her the company name which she confirmed was UNITED ENROLLMENT but when I complained of the harassment, she hung up. I then google and found their website, called 855-YES-HEAL posted on the site and was informed that I was placed on their do not call list. We will see. Next step, filing a complaint with the FCC:

Pretty sure that’s +1 (855) 937-4325, right?

I found the following just searching up the number: