Ring Camera Support 8102155892

8102155892 they will want you to pay for a subscription

810-215-5892 Steve Tuesday 5-14-24 3:10PM EST

I would like to add: 613-902-4920 on Telstra, an Australian provider which is a reseller on Iristel, a Canadian provider.

Also: 810-281-7333 is a call back on Onvoy for another Alro scam by the same group.

The number above is used for an Arlo camera support scam. 810-215-5892 is also being used by the same group. These guys switch regularly between the 2 scams. Both scams involve them trying to get you to buy a subscription regardless of what problem you may be facing with your camera.

If your camera doesn’t turn on, you need a subscription. If you have one camera that can’t or doesn’t charge, you need a subscription etc… For the Arlo scam, they will also claim to be able to help you log back into your email/Arlo account.

The scammers are short fused and ill-tempered. They have made the switch to Onvoy and Iristel recently. This thread will contain all of the Onvoy numbers that we come across. These scammers will also call you back non stop on different call back numbers if you hang up on them. Have fun and keep calling them as these Onvoy & Iristel numbers have been up for months due to the 2 carriers being horrifically negligent with abuse reports.

Adding: 5642124202 & 810-215-5892. Both are Ring camera support scams on Onvoy which owned by Intelliquent which is owned by Sinch.

These numbers are currently active and hosting Arlo camera support scams: 810-281-7333 & 613-902-4920

810-281-7333 Mitchell Thursday 5-16-24 1:49PM EST

810-281-7333 Still Active Mitchell Friday 5-17-24 11:19AM EST
479-385-2044 Call Back

810-281-7333 Still Active Monday 5-20-24 9:58AM EST
479-385-2044 Still Active

TextMail number.

It’s actually on Onvoy via Intelliquent. These scammers are known to use fake VM’s to throw baiters off who report directly to the telecoms.

8043312368: Ring Camera scam on Sinch/Neutral Tandem.

8885992827: Arlo camera support scam from the same group of scammers above. This number is on Peerless.