Respond for details (scam)

Email sender: Mrs. Rebecca Garang [email protected]
Body: Dear Sir,/Ma
My late husband left some money for my family which we wish to
relocate to you for investment. Further detail will be provided on
receiving your response via my direct email: [email protected]
Mrs. Rebecca Garang

Dear Mr. Matthew Wang
I got your email address on the internet during my search for a reliable company/individual that can assist us in the investment of our family funds. Though I do not know you personally my instinct convinced me that you can assist us in this investment drive when the funds are placed under your control hence my reason for contacting you. My late husband, Dr. John Garang of the Sudan’s People Liberation Movement (SPLM) was a freedom fighter during his lifetime and this was what led to his death but we leave the story for another day.
I want to assure you this is a legitimate appeal from Sudanese family in dire need of investment assistance and my husband’s exploits/profile life as the South Sudanese leader is in the public domain therefore you can read about my late husband on the internet to find out exactly what I am telling you. The financial asset we are talking about here is valued at the sum of US$22,000,000.00 and the funds were originally mapped out to procure arms and ammunition for the SPLM military wing and my husband was solely in charge of organizing this purchase. Unfortunately, as the news of the peace agreement reached my husband while he was still in South Africa to make the arms procurement, he used the opportunity to divert this money for our family future use.

He was fortunate to be in South Africa when the news came and he deposited this money with a private finance company under a blind trust pending the time he will decide to divert the funds for his personal use. The funds are domiciled with the company in the form of an instrument (treasury notes) which will be liquidated at the right time. Africa. After depositing the funds he came back and notified me and our son (JEFFERY MABIOR GARANG) about the money, he also handed over the documents to us before he was inaugurated along with other top SPLM officials. My husband died on Saturday 30th of July 2005 on a sabotaged helicopter crash just three weeks after his inauguration on the 9th of July in our capital (KHARTOUM may his gentle soul rest in peace, the cabinet of the former president OMAR AL BASHIR who is currently under house arrest for his atrocities committed while in power has denied any government involvement in masterminding the death of my beloved husband.

As a family we have agreed to offer you 20% of the total sum of money for your assistance 5% has been mapped out for both local and international expenses that will be incurred by both of us in the course of this transfer and the remaining 75%will be for my family investment in your country through your advice. I am very glad for your response to my request to you in assisting my family to secure the release of this fund my husband left for us. Due to my position in the current government in my country and the sensitive nature of this transaction, I have chosen to remain underground and anonymous throughout the course of this transaction.
I have therefore mandated my son Mr. Jeffery Mabior Garang who is currently in South Africa seeking political asylum to contact you with the details of how this fund shall be successfully released in your name without any problem. My son who is a refugee in South Africa cannot move this money in his name hence my decision to contact you so that you can assist us in that regard. The finance company where the fund is currently held itself does not have the capacity to affect the transfer of this fund directly to your account overseas therefore we must have to secure the release of the fund first before we can talk about any transfer.

My son will clarify more on this when he opens communication with you. What I am only asking you is to work with us by assisting us in securing the release of this fund in your name and you and you will never be disappointed at the end of the day. I have now directed my son who will contact you with more details and he is going to work together with our financial adviser who is also in South Africa to see that we procure all the necessary papers needed to change the beneficiary of this fund in your name. I therefore advise that you work together with them so that this fund will be successfully released and transferred to your nominated account. This means that you will have to give them all the necessary assistance needed to secure the release of this fund in your name.
Thank you once more for your positive response as we look forward to a long lasting business relationship with you.

Yours sincerely

Mrs. Rebecca Garang

Dear Mr. Matthew Wang
My son Jeffery Garang who is in South Africa where our family funds are held confirmed that he has opened communication with you and is therefore waiting for your response so that our team in South Africa will commence the procurement of the documents needed to secure the release of the assets in your name prior to its relocation to the bank for transfer to your account overseas. You are expected to send your full names and address with a copy of your identification so that we can proceed only if you are still interested in this subject matter.
Thank you once more as I look forward to working with you on this project.
Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Rebecca Garang

Jeffery Garang [email protected]

Dear Mr. Matthew Wang
Compliments of the day!
I write to give the details of how we can secure the release/transfer of the sum of US$22,000,000.00 left to us by our late father in continuation of your communication with my mother Rebecca Garang. Thanks very much for the response to my family plea for your assistance. You may not understand how happy my family was to receive your response but I want you to understand that I am ready to work with you and do not intend to contact anybody else regarding this. Our main aim of contacting you is to help us move this money to any of your nominated accounts and also help us invest it since I have no experience in business before. We need every assurance from you that we can trust you as you will understand that this is a huge amount of money and the only hope of my family since the death of my father. We do not know about your schedule at the moment but we shall be very happy if you can pay us a short visit in the country we are residing now (South Africa) one the corona pandemic is contained. This will bring a great relief for my family as it will afford us the opportunity to meet face to face and have a clear view of who we are dealing with but if you are busy at the moment we can first conclude with all arrangements as regards to the funds transfer to your account and then plan on how to meet. I would also like to visit you but because of our refugee status here in South Africa, we are giving only one opportunity to leave the country of which I intend to use upon conclusion of the transfer to your nominated account. Once transfer is concluded I will first arrive in your country and once settled, my family will join me.
You do not mention the type of business you do at the moment or where you deem it fit that we can invest upon the conclusion of the transfer. Please give brief investment opportunities and how you can be of good assistance. We don’t mind entering into a joint partnership as we need your guidance to succeed. This is all we ask from you. Concerning our arrangements on the best way we can transfer this money to your nominated account. I would like to inform you that arrangements have been made for a successful transfer of this money from South Africa to any of your nominated accounts according to the banking regulations of South Africa and the receiving country. This has been arranged perfectly by our adviser and only waiting for my family to provide our foreign partner that will help retrieve the deposit from the fiduciary house. The funds are currently held in the form of a payment instrument (Treasury note) which will be liquidated and transferred to you via a bank to bank out flow. The funds cannot be liquidated in my name due to my refugee status because I am not permitted by law here in South Africa to either operate or open an account in my name because of my status as a refugee. We were therefore advised to seek the assistance of a foreign partner to come on board hence the reason for contacting you. We need to change the beneficiary of the deposit to your name which will enable the bank to liquidate the funds and have it deposited in the bank preparatory to its transfer to an account to be nominated by you. The modalities to achieve this have been clearly worked out. All we need is your total commitment/cooperation for us to succeed.

The transfer can only be done through bank-to-bank transfer according to our adviser who is assisting us with all legal processes regarding the retrieval of the deposit at the finance company where it is presently being held for transfer to your nominated account. All the details of the arrangements will be given to you in my next communication with you but now we have to conclude with our financial adviser before we can effect changes to the financial asset to your name. As I mentioned above you are also welcomed in South Africa to visit my family and maybe witness the transfer. Also, a memorandum of agreement will be signed in your presence that will protect all interest in this regard. You also have to send to us any form of your identification so that the lawyer can get the documents needed to affect the above-mentioned changes in your name.

Rest assured that this transaction will not jeopardize your good name, reputation or credibility. This is my assurance to you. Thanks again for your interest as I look forward to meeting you soon. I need you to send me a copy of your identification together with your personal details so that we can get the documents we need to affect the necessary changes.
Mr. Jeffery Garang