Verified T-Mobile line belonging to Koffi Logossou, who is listed as a very rude African on Here’s a Lenny bait.

I think some plain ol’ harrasment will get it through his thick head!

I told him that I was Wilma from Florida & that we’ve spoken many times through e-mail. I got offended that he didn’t remember me right away but I convinced him that we talked a lot. I asked him if his financial situation had gotten better & the piece of shit asked me to send him $500.00. I asked him what he would do for it & he said anything. I told him that being a widowed older lady can be rather lonely sometimes so it would be nice if he could speak to me naughty over the phone. He said he didn’t know what I meant by naughty so I explained it to him. Motherfucker actually did it! I had to mute my phone so he couldn’t hear me laughing. Afterwards I told him that he didn’t really seem up for the job to connect in person, but I would pay him half of what he asked up front for his “services” on cash app or zelle. He said he didn’t have cash app or zelle & I said “what a shame because I would really like to pay you” I then told him that coffee was my favorite beverage (then in a deep manly voice said “Whenever you want some cream in your coffee let me know!” Son of a bitch hung up immediately LOL! I wish I had it recorded.

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Koffi Logossou is being signed up for a bunch of telemarketing calls. :sweat_smile:

lol nice