Request for all known scammer-used Remote Access Software

I’m wondering if anyone on the forum has ever compiled a list of all the remote access software tech support scammers have been known to use?

I’m currently working on an extension which has an educational warning component for novice users, and I’m looking into a user experience which subtly warns users about tech support scams when visiting pages hosted on TeamViewer’s webpages, AnyDesk etc.

I was wondering if anyone has ever compiled a list of the software these scammers utilise?

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(I’ll add more where I can)

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Supremo Control*

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Connectwise Control, only issue is most scammers selfhost it to make it hidden (older version) on different domains which will be a problem.

Also typically those types of warnings may not be hugely effective, so make it very obvious and try to go over all scams like refund, tech who typically connect as hopefully that works better.


@curdatron Welcome to the community. Sounds like a interesting project, I wish you every success with it.


I’m unsure if people will download or use the extension.

Connectwise Control runs as a Windows service. Stop “screen connect” service and disable it

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But this extension warns you when you go to the page, not when you load it, that’s the issue at hand.

Maybe make it look for things such as Code or Remote software.

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Yeah, but looking for code would require you to have permission to access all the sites the user visits. That causes privacy and security issues.

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Windows 10 built in Quick Assist

Welcome back!

Ah, yeah, never realized that.

Yeah, That tool is abused by scammers constantly