Repost funny racist mad scammer

I have a free $100 gas gift card funny racist scammer saying I couldn’t talk right and I receive SSI, and I need to go back to my real country because I told her to get a real job scammer their number is 484-203-3790 when you call to make sure you record and upload the recording link here. @josephnormandgrinnel

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They are still opening.

They are still opening.

They hang up on me😆…thank you for calling the processing center … Whoop … Click

@Draco Call them again lol.

They are still opening.

They are? I tried calling them, and it sounded like they were American. The lady wouldn’t give the name of their company, but it definitely didn’t sound like benchodes. @michael221805

They are how she was talking to me @BurnonyouScammers.

Yeah, I talked to someone too but she sounded American.

@BurnonyouScammers Did she say mean things to you?

No, haha. She just kept telling me to call back from the number they used to contact me when I asked what company she represented.

@BurnonyouScammers Call back and tell her she is a scammer to get her mad lol.

Is it a scam, though? The SSA scammers who used the number when you originally made this thread could have hijacked the number. It’s happened before.

Yes how she was talking to me in a mean way and a racist way if I won a free gas card why would I have to pay a shipping fee? @BurnonyouScammers

Oh, is that what her script was? That you won a free gas card? I couldn’t even get that far with her lol. She kept telling me to call back from the contacted number.

Yeah, that definitely sounds like a scam.

@BurnonyouScammers Yes and I also hear other people in the background now I don’t

They sound American.

Some representatives seem rude.

2021-06-03 T 16:22 EST

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Oh, I thought this was a SSA scam. Now they’re saying they’re a medical insurance provider lol.

The first time it was gift card center lol.

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Keep calling y’all.