Rental scammers! Get your rental scammers here! (Four numbers!)

(tl;dr: Just scroll down. There are numbers there.)

I'm absolutely astonished at how many scammers fell for my trap this time. Out of nine people who contacted me, only ONE was legitimately trying to rent me an apartment. She was nice, and I apologized. Even more amazing was that they came within an hour of casting my line.

Anyway, of the scammers, there are four I can post for you. Of the four I can't, is because there's one I don't trust, one I'm not sure, and two who really pissed me off and had to change their numbers. Screenshots of my conversations with the first four are here:

(613) 912-2461

Calls himself Richard Koss, tried to rent me a house that doesn't even exist. Another possible alias is Rekha Jain, as the same, nonexistent house was listed for rent under that name. It may be an associate, as Rekha seems to be a female name in India.

Side note: The formatting of his messages are eerily similar to someone I've dealt with twice before. Called himself Kelvin, then Christ. I found a lot about Kelvin over time, such as other aliases, and his romance scams. Unfortunately, I found no actual evidence, outside my character observation, linking him to this Richard Koss.

(226) 894-4370

The place this guy tried to rent me was an occupied house, which has apparently never been listed for sale or rent anywhere that I could find. Also, I was never given a name. There's your first clue.

(678) 759-4606

Another one who never gave me a name. Also, never gave me an address. This one seemed pretty paranoid, and I lost him. If the number is still up, he could be fun to play with.

(705) 300-6887

This one said her name was Samantha. You can see from the screenshot that she wasn't very smart. Just quick-fired all the scammer questions at me. Might still be worth a go, though.

That's it! If you wanna see the conversations with the ones I didn't post, let me know. I'll put 'em up.

(226) 894-4370 was this apartment in Burlington ???