Removing the 'dead' tag?

I’m thinking of removing the dead tag, as the original purpose of this website was to help people if they ever got these popups. If a person searches a phone number posted here it usually comes up in their search engine, so to better help Google’s indexing it would be a good idea to remove the ‘dead’ tag and just keep everything tagged as what it was originally.

I'd like some opinions from the community however.


Is there a way to call it ‘dead’ here without getting robot/indexed as us saying ‘dead’ ? Is there something you have in mind? Another alternative/bro style? EDIT lets not say down or dead lets say [fancy word here] come up with one … “oh that number is BRONY or SOMEONES RANDOM NAME etc” and vary it week to week or month

We’re not only competing against search engines and wannabe tech savvy scammers but pff everyone… so change it up maybe even have a word of the day :confused:

I would prefer changing it to currently inactive or something of that nature.

Just posting to say, the Dead tag isn’t used anymore.

@thunder#7044 Just saying the website lacks meta description,meta tags and Content optimization.

So removing the Dead Tag is a good idea.

@ParodyGordon#7050 no it doesn’t.

Really? No content optimization?