Remove ZoomSupport

Hello, I’m writing a removal request as far as the information listed about ZoomSupport is inappropriate and incorrect.

Waiting for your answer, thank you

Hello, Thank you for the request. Have you got any proof that you’re not scammers?

I will investigate your request, please give me some time.

@Walter#9996 Than why did your guys try to syskey my VM when I call your guys a scammer and your guys number is some where posted on and on youtube ?

Speaking to one of your agents, they tell me they are ran by the creators of MacKeeper, a known fake program. Along with PCKeeper.

@michael221805#10002 It might just be a scam company using their name.

@FOXYCallum1#10005 Ok .

But if you type up zoomsupport scam up on google you will see alot of video talking about zoomsupport scam videos on youtube .

Honestly I don’t know whether to deny this or accept it, as you say you provide support for BS applications, which are also blocked by Malwarebytes. You did sound legitimate on the phone, and were very polite, you are also not a typical Indian Scammer, as you mentioned you are based in Ukraine. On the other hand I always deal with so much spam & BS from Ukraine IPs (though this is unrelated to this, just bringing it up).

I’ll await input from @R34P3R

@thunder#10009 Based in Ukraine but their domain comes back as Belize, Not sure either.

@michael221805#10007 I actually couldn’t find anything on Google, please send a link.

@FOXYCallum1#10011 Ok hold on .

@michael221805#10002 If he did try to syskey your vm, then he is likely a scammer. Case Closed.

@scraps210#10014 Like i said, it could be a scammer using the ZoomSupport name.

@FOXYCallum1#10011 Here is one video but them there are more video about them .

@FOXYCallum1#10015 Yeah that is what they’re doing.

The reviews seem legitimate as well as the service. I called, spoke with an agent, and have no reason to believe this is a scam.


Thank you for your feedback.

As a final “not scam” proof you can take a look at BenchMark portal. (ZoomSupport Certified as a Center of Excellence for the First Time For their Service Center | BenchmarkPortal)