please remove my number that is listed

the number is 1-888-869-8979…

we are receving fake calls beacuse of this

Hi, @himanshudangwal985

What is this number used for? I can see it is listed on other websites as being fraudulent.

@thunder#2379 It is absolutely a fradulent website, I have called them on several occasions, they’ve claimed to be microsoft, and google. They ran commands (Tree, netstat) trying to show “Hacking Activity”, then proceeded to curse me in hindi, and admit to running a scam when I revealed information about their owner, Mukesh Rawat.

Name: Mukesh Rawat
Organization: None
Address: Danda-Lakhound
City: Dehradun
State / Province: Uttarakhand
Postal Code: 248001
Country: IN
Phone: +91.9557304726
Email: [email protected]

@R34P3R#2382 Thanks for the information.

I will close this thread now as this is a scam.