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Just thought I’d remind you guys, you can join our discord here:



Is there a new discord? When I joined the aura discord I was told that the channel for phone numbers was removed.

@Erika#6724 yeah, we post everything on this website from now on.

Removed the Aurora link. You should also leave their server as they just used me.

I’m leaving.

@FuelDaFlame#8750 and now I actually respect you lmao


Yay for everyone who leaved.

We need more discord members though.

Why leaving awwrora? Any reasons?

@aoaaceai#9184 They were jerks to @Thunder.

But their music bot is the most friendly

Except the annoying voice.

got a weird message from thunder bot -You’ve been unfairly banned from Some Random Pizza Place!

i think they took it down

@Logan_Tech#14211 Same, I think they did.



Hi there, the server is currently being hacked. We’re trying to get everything in order as fast as we can


Quoted from here - replace/d/2781-banned/3

I went with the whole act like a complete psychopath on the phone kind of guy you know the whole I can see you and where are you going you know well mostly the whole I got your number and I just had to find like a couple more things about you you know that kind but I’m really good at acting so I completely acted the s*** out of the whole psychopath roll

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