ReImage - Large international pop up scammers ( americans pick up)

reimage -

never seen a scam before that had north Americans picking up at times , large scam with a nice name and fake software (scareware) …microsoft and everyone is aware of this and even bbb complaints still are coming in …

they need to be stopped , they dont even ask if ur a new customer, just want ur customer id… i hate these the most as there jus simply scamming there existing “clients” over and over

**Numbers: **
12132753200 (main)



I purchased software from reimage 5/**/2020 after purchased I was given a telephone number to call, I call the number and spoke to Michelle, She insists she needs to connect to my company to install the software and scanned my computer, I told I wish to cancel this because I have never heard of a company need to get access to someone computer to install the software. she a sure me this company been in business for 15 years and this how they do it, I decided to give her access to my computer, she scans my computer then she said I have 3 virus and errors, warnings, critical Application failures, Programs that stop working and to fix then it will cause me $120 for one time or $199.00 for one year, I told no, no need because I already have bust buy repair service. This when everything starts she will not take no for an answer, she starts to get mad with me, I told her to cancel everything but she will not listen, she hands the phone up on me but stays connected to my computer and every time I try to press the x to disconnect her she quickly closes the page for 5 minutes I try to log her off my computer but was unable, I disconnect my phone from the outlet to my surprise when I log back on she was still my computer, but I was videoing everything that was going to file a lawsuit on this company. I call the company back and told Michelle I have everything on video that when she disconnects the remote access, but I have all the screenshot of the time I call the time she disconnects from my computer to prove my case, and video of her not letting me disconnect her from my computer, I call the company and no help just a lots off lies please stay away from this company, but because of what they did the lie and try to cover it up. I will file a lawsuit against them. Every time I call Michelle answer and pertent to be someone else. but the next time this company hears from me is through my lawyer.""

i give it 5 -10 min till they dont even pick up anymore for the day