Refund Scammer direct numbers

Scammer Number: 888-594-8837 / 888-880-9029 / 888-417-0056 / 708-866-4487 /

Clever refund scammer, In background it seems like there are many people working from same place. Take them down guys.

IP : Kolkata

Scammers are still active

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Funny scammers. Asking aren’t you celebrating thanks giving ? I said i stuffed your moms turkey last night and they started abusing

Number still active. They get frustrated when i call, now they are able to recognize me when i change my voice. Lets frustrate them and waste their time.

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On it😀
888-594-8837 went to VM
888-880-9029 VM
888-417-0056 VM
708-866-4487 textnow VM

708-866-4487 Called he picked up and asking why you are calling again and again then started abusing. LOL


The number goes to VM after ringing for a few seconds …