Refund Scam - 850-725-5486

Scam Number: 850-725-5486
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Usual AnyDesk nonsense. Direct you to their website first for downloads.

Magic Jack number, baiting with virtual machine

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Findings from Virtual Machine bait:

  • Scammer will have you “connect to their secure server” via, where they also impersonate Norton and McAfee and feature a cancellation form. The website was registered in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India via on May 27, 2023. - Whois
  • The scammer had me download UltraViewer, though they also include download links for AnyDesk, SupRemo or TeamViewer.
  • Their manager “ringed” me from their Google Voice number ‪(801) 686-8728‬ and had me fill out the “cancellation form.” After filling out the form, I was asked to log into my “Chase” account. In response, I played them the benchode song until they hung up.
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8507255486 Harry Thursday 2-8-24

Number is still still active and answering as McAfee and GeekSquad. Probably running multiple refund scams,l.

Number is still active. Answering as “how may help you”. They can probably be baited with any refund scam as they have been observed running McAfee, Norton and GeekSquad.

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