Refund Scam (229) 589-8586

Scammer’s Number: (229) 589-8586
Domains Used:
Extra Info: I answered a call but the robo spiel did not say what company name, like Amazon or EBay. It said there was $399.99 charge and to call 229 589 8586 if I want to cancel the charge.

I called back. Guy answered “hello” … He is with Computer Support. My account will be renewed for $399.99. I said I do not want to renew it. He said Firewall and Network security softwares are not going to work. I said that is okay and I want to cancel.

He gave me Cancellation Request ID 541LC. He said to open notification panel on bottom right of computer. He asked me what it says. I said I hover over it and it says No New Notifications.

I have not gotten to downloading any remote connection stuff.

He said to press Windows key and R key at same time.

He said to type

So they use SUPREMO !

I am creating topic now while on phone still with him

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