Receiving Calls from (future?) Victims


I'm new to scam baiting and I messed with a few scammers today, but certainly not very badly.

About 4 hours later, I am getting calls from people saying "Yes, my computer is blocked."

What could they be doing? I've never heard of this. I helped a kind woman from SC to close out of the pop-up and that it's a scam, and haven't gotten a call since. (BTW, one of the calls seemed to be spoofed to appear as the Public Relations phone number for the CIA)

@Scambuster800#10410 Hey there - are you using your real phone number to call or shared your real number to the scammers? It is possible that they did not like the prank calls, therefore, they chose to forward all the calls to you. (Also remember to not share your actual number with them)

Good to hear that the calls stopped, perhaps the toll-free number provider shut down the scammer's number.

@Scambuster800#10410 Your situation is odd. Without more details we can’t do anything for you.

I’ve know some scam companies to actually use FireRTC to spoof their number.

@iCe#10417 I use an old Google Voice phone number

@Scambuster800#10445 You should really try FireRTC. Its really useful. You can reroll your number over and over to avoid automatic hangups.