Receive a cash donation of 4,800,000.00 euros

Email sender: [email protected]
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Herzliche Glückwünsche!!! Sie wurden ausgewählt, an einer
Wohltätigkeitsorganisation teilzunehmen
Projekt, bei dem Sie eine Geldspende in Höhe von 4.800.000,00 Euro erhalten
Senden Sie uns eine E-Mail für die Reklamation.`


Congratulations!!! You were chosen at a
participate in charity
Project in which you receive a cash donation of 4,800,000.00 euros
Email us for the claim.`

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Got the same email from [email protected].
Sent a email and got this response:

Hello beneficiary,
Your email was received. I’m Manuel Franco, and I live in Milwaukee, a
suburb of West Allis, Wisconsin, United States. I won $ 768 million in
Powerball in April 2019. I am an American by birth. Please take this
seriously because I’m here for a reason. My jackpot was a gift from
God to me and I decided to do the will of God and also donate my
entire $ 768 million in fond memories to my wife.
Please be assured that this is 100% legitimate. Visit this website for
Wisconsin man, 24, claims $768.4M Powerball lottery jackpot - YouTube
I have decided to donate $4,800,000.00 USD to you as part of my gift
project to improve the lives of many people near you from my $ 768
million jackpot lottery win. This also applies to the beautiful memory
of my late wife. I prayed and searched online for someone to donate
this money to you in your state, and I saw your profile on the Google
/ Facebook list of email owners and selected you.
My sympathy for the concerns of others was reinforced by the tragedy
in my life. My wife Jan died of lung cancer in February 2018 at the
age of 28. In memory of her, I decided to donate all of my $ 768
million to charity and for less privileges in society. I do this so as
not to gain fame. I decided to keep this away from the media and my
only reason for doing so was the result of a long conversation with my
only daughter (Audrey) who always advised me to donate to strangers
this year because we know that there are many families who live from
pay checks to pay checks and others who cannot take care of their
financial obligations. Even though I won this lottery fund in April
2019, we helped some charities, family members, strangers and friends
of my winnings.
My daughter (Audrey) has cancer and the doctor told us that she may
not be able to live much longer early next year. She wants to do good
things before she finally leaves this sinful world. My daughter
(Audrey) is so dear to me and she means the whole world to me. I have
decided to fulfill your wish this year. I want you to invest these
funds in a lucrative business to create more job opportunities and
help unemployed and needy people in your area, as we have already
donated money to the local fire department, the Red Cross, Haiti and
the hospitals in Truro where Audrey maintains her cancer treatment
and several other organizations in Asia and Europe that fight cancer,
Alzheimer’s and diabetes.
To make it easier for you to pay out the donations ($ 4,800,000.00
USD) that were donated exclusively to you, send me yours.
Name of the beneficiary:
Date of birth:
Phone Number:
for disbursement (I asked for this brief information just to know who
we are donating this money to. Due to identity theft on the Internet,
which I have been a victim of in the past, I do not want to ask you
for your ID as we do not want to give the impression that I want to
steal your identity.
I hope that you can use the funds sensibly in your state there. We
will oblige you to do everything in your power to alleviate poverty in
your region and improve the standard of living of as many people as
possible, as this is the only aim to donate this money to you at all.
We would like to ask you to assure us that you will follow our
instructions and will help my daughter to make her dream come true
before I tell you how you can get these funds and if you feel that you
are getting this project can not cope, you should inform me so I can
quickly look for another person to whom I can donate the money.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
I expect to hear from you soon.
God bless you and Stay safe.,
Mr. Manuel Franco

Sent my bogus info, and i’m still waiting for a reply.