Really Bad CRA Scammers

437-637-0281-- These guys talk fast and as per usual they NEVER listen. He had a terrible time spelling and did not understand what a First Nations person was and then he hung up. So I called back and he said I hung up. Then he could not understand joint taxes and how far away my town is from the nearest anything. He hung up again. I told the third guy I did not want to speak to the first gut and this guy did not understand that a wife can stay at home and not work. He said he would call me back and I told him he was a bad scammer. How can anybody FALL FOR THIS?

I have been messing with them for hours. Drake finally broke down after the 5th time I got him and he told me some details. He was generally surprised when I mentioned he sounded like he was from Noida.

8 women and many,many more men in the room. Claims they can easily clear 300K a week.

been calling them a lot and one told me he made 12k scamming today lol I keep asking are they all Muslim ect and they get pretty worked up on it ! they always pick up for now !

@Beebe23#62477 I don’t believe a word they say. I have been told so many lies about no jobs, dead parents, no education, living under a bridge and of course, will you marry me? The infamous I will be getting out of scamming today because you have convinced me and then I call back and get the same guy three months later and he is still doing it. They brag a lot about the money and the size of their family jewels and both are lies. ; )

@Beebe23#62477 Thanks for the info. This scam call center is busy. Possibly in NOIDA. Rents are low in Noida.

The figure scammer is giving is believable. Check the today’s YT video of pappamonkey about remorseful Indain scammer

Some individual scammers do scam $50,000-100,00/month (multiply by the number of scammers in one call center)

50-200 scammers in one call center is very common.

@JusticeinTexas#62474 I had a fauxCRA scammer do his “we r done an audit on your tax filings 2012-2017 and we found errors” I said I didn’t file in those years, I only moved to Canada in June 2018, I’ll file next April… He stayed on script. I pushed the claim I was a recent immigrant and he went into his semi-rage…“the CRA has clear evidence…”

Make up something like under the Canada Indian Act 1878, I am tax exempt as a full Status First Nations Person. Google a reserve and use the band council address… If they can lie, just lie back… It’s not like the RCMPs are going to be arresting you.

@Darrell64#62574 I think I will tell him I am the last of the Mohicans! Or a Seminole. He won’t know the difference!

Too funny about being an immigrant. I hope you don’t mind if I use that one. I had one guy say CRA and when I said I lived in the USA he said they were the IRS. I asked how is that and he said it was the International Tax Organization! Haha! Love your scam baits ; )

@JusticeinTexas#62587 He stuck to his script, feel free to move to Canada

@Darrell64#62590 I am tempted to call a SSA scammer with a nym that only has < $100 in the bank, living on minimum wage working pay-to-pay. No CC, so I can’t rent a car…

@Darrell64#62592 Do it! I always wait until they give me the apartment address and the 22 pounds of cocaine/200,000 bucks in cash and say, “YOU HAVE MY COCAINE? Hey, I want it back and there was more money than that there. Did you steal my money?” They always go silent and then say, “Sorry?” : 0

Odd they are working today, when Federal employees are off… I called spoofing 437-637-0281 about a dozen times, I asked for a french officer and the swore at me… LOL

@Darrell64#62752 I called 50 times and then got call rejected.

Called just now and got a Nigerian, he claimed he was from South Africa, but clearly sounded West African. Got an earlier one that claimed he was British sounded like a mish-mash of Brit & Aussie. The have blocked 437-637-0281…

I have time wasted them all day, they can't explain why they are open today on a Federal Employee Holiday. Nobody is French-English bilingual, as required under Canadian Law (Official Language Act 35 (a)), why their employee ID number is incorrect (that rages them)

@Angeld40#62756 Hahahaha! Good for you!

@Darrell64#62775 I called them again today! EIGHT TIMES! I got eight different people and nobody recognized my voice from Friday. I used a different Canadian address and phone number. I actually posted the call separately until I realized that this was the same number. I deleted the original post. But EIGHT TIMES from the same phone number and using the same name and address. What dopes!