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Email title: Re: YOUR FEEDBACK
Body: A business venture of $37.2M USD, I’ll discuss in reply for further details.

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Dear Friend,

I seek your assistance to transfer a huge sum of money (US$ 37,200,000.00) from my bank (Resona Bank,Ltd, Japan) to your custody. A senior military officer in Libya, He held the rank of Major General and the post of minister of interior (Major General. Abdul Fatah Younis ) made a fixed deposit value at(Thirty-seven Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollars Only) in my bank for the past 11 years. Upon maturity several notices were sent to him, but no response was forth coming, thorough investigation was made and it was discovered that Major General. Abdul Fatah Younis was killed in Benghazi, Libya by rebels in July 28,2011

The money is still here in my bank where I am currently the Managing Executive Officer, and all records in my bank revealed that he did not declare a next of kin. And what bothers me is that according to the Japan law which states that at the expiration of 12 years 6 months the funds will be forfeited to the ownership of the Government, if nobody applies for claim of the funds. Against this, I want the funds to be moved out of my bank as soon as possible.

My request from you is that I want you to stand as the next of kin to Mr. Abdul Fatah Younis fund, so that I can transfer the fund to you in your country; all that I required from you at this stage is your consent, acceptance and willingness, so that I can go ahead and contract my attorney to process the legal papers needed in the bank to support this claim application in your name with my Bank.

If you are willing to proceed, I need you to provide me with your full name, address and a private telephone number, so that my lawyer can proceed with the preparation of the legal papers, and secure the necessary approvals in your favor, before filing for claim on your behalf for the release of the funds in my Bank. I will use my position in the bank to influence and effect the transfer of the funds to your account, after you have been made the next of kin and all documents legalize in your name.

After the successful completion of this transaction, I will share the fund with you at the ratio of 60 - 40%. As you will be entitled to 40% of the total sum - while the balance 60% is for me. Under your supervision.

This transaction is legal and there is no risk involved, as we are going to adopt a legalized method and the lawyer will secure all the necessary documents as soon as I receive your info as requested. Thank you once again for your interest, and please endeavor to observe utmost discretion in all matters concerning this transfer.

Mr Mikio Noguchi
Managing Executive Officer of Resona Bank, Limited,

Dear Partner,

Having received your details, I am very confident that you will be able to handle this transaction to conclusion.

However, I will forward your details to my attorney and make fund available for him to commence processing of the legal documents needed from the appropriate authorities. Find My passport ID for your records and acquaintance.

Read carefully the stages of the transfer process;

STAGE 1: You will have to open two new accounts in your name; (1.) with a finance bank, I will be recommending to you for safety and security purpose. (2.) Another with any good bank in your country, these accounts must not be your existing accounts, they must be fresh accounts.

STAGE 2: My Lawyer will file for claims on your behalf, once the necessary documents is ready and the bank would want to confirm the authenticity of your claims by requesting for documents like the Will and Letter of Administration (Grant of Probate) which the lawyer will help us procure from the Probate Registry here in Japan. As soon as the Letters of Administration is issued in your name, I will send copies of the documents to you as the legally identified next of kin to the late Mr.Abdul Fatah Younis

STAGE 3: Upon final confirmation of your status as beneficiary, the US$37,2 Million will be transferred into your country’s account via your newly open finance bank account, this is to avoid any questioning/suspicious. And the tax that will be place on the fund will not be much compare to when is being wired to your country directly. And I don’t want my bank to know that the fund is been transferred directly into your country’s account to avoid further investigations.

To assure you of my full commitment to this transaction, I will take care of the Attorney’s fee and for the preparation of the legal documents to backup this transaction and put you in place as the next of kin and the transfer charges of the funds from my bank to your newly open finance bank account.

All you need to do is setup these new accounts in your name at your own cost as that is your only obligation in this transaction. But I still need you to send me a copy of any form of identification Driver’s License or international Passport and upon receiving it in my next mail I will email you the contact address of the recommended offshore bank, where you are to open the account in your name. Let me know if this term is okay with you, before we proceed further.


Mr Mikio Noguchi

Mobile Phone:+81 50 5539 7592

Dear Partner,

I have plan this business transaction the way he should go without any problem and i have search for so many offshore Finance Bank that you can open account with in your name and at your own cost that we be good for us to transfer this funds out of my bank here into this account without any investigations on this funds and us.

I have discovered this investments bank in London that deal on huge amount of funds because it is an investments bank where all investors put their money for safety reasons and i want you to send email to the Bank or call them for an inquiring of opening an account with them

Please find below the contact address of the Investment Bank:

Finance bank contact details -


Head of Business Development and Relations,

10-12 Alie Street GB-London E1 8DE UK

London EC2R 7HF,

United Kingdom

Call: (+44)20 3287 8941

+4479 2561 2015

Fax: +44 701 005 7628

E-mail: [email protected]

Let the offshore bank know the reason why you are contacting them, that you intend to transfer your value funds of about US$37,2,Million without any red flag and that you will appreciate their assistance and services on how to set up Offshore account as you have not dealt with such transactions of this nature before and you contacted to sort their guidance as to setup this account with them.

Send this exact below email to the Finance Bank.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am *************and I got your bank contact information from a very close friend of mine. My purpose of mailing you is to find out how and what it will cost me to set up an offshore account with your bank that can accommodate my value over due funds of about $37,2,Million USD from Resona Bank,Ltd, Japan without any red flag. I am new in this transaction and I will appreciate if you will be of help to me to set up this account in THREE working days Below is my phone ***************Address ************and occupation. Please include this information and send it to the bank.

My Friend after opening account with this investments Finance bank in London in your name you we send me the account details for me to transfer this funds out of my bank into the account without any delay because i have made all the necessary arrangements here to transfer this funds out of my bank once the account is open in your name as the beneficiary to claim this funds in my bank.

Them after i transfer this funds into the account in London you will allow the funds to stay in the bank for just one week before you will instruct the bank to transfer the funds little by little to your country account and my country account according to our shares, with this my bank we not know where the funds went to directly and there shall be no traces or any problem because we are going to close down the account after we most have finish transferring the funds out of the London account into our various country account according to our share. Hope you get my point.

My Friend compare this to when the funds is been wire to your country directly from my bank here it will cause big problem in your country because they as question you on where do you get this kind of money, that is while I want us to transfer this funds to another bank first before moving it to our country accounts.

Once this is ready transfer will be made immediately.

I want you to act accordingly so that we can get this sorted out on time.

It is nice knowing you as a partner in this transaction.

Do this and get back to me as soon as possible.


Mr Mikio Noguchi

Resona Bank,Ltd

Address. 1-5-65, KIBA. FUKAGAWA GAZARIA NO.W2.

KOTO-KU , TOKYO, 135-0042. Japan

Managing Executive Officer of Resona Bank, Limited

Private Mobile: +81 50 5534 7249

Dear Matthew Wang

We acknowledge your request of opening account with us dated 18th
November 2022

You will be required to fill the Account opening application form
attached and return it back to us with a scan copy of your International
Passport ID or Driver’s License, Utility Bill showing your proof of
address, as these requirements will stand as a contractual evidence and
as it would be needed for our verification process for the opening of
the account with us.

Also note that after the verification exercise, you will be required to
pay an initial deposit to activate the account you have chosen to
operate with us into a functional account, as without the initial
deposit, the account will not be functional, and it is also a condition
necessary to open an account with our Bank,

Below are different Types of Accounts you can open and operate with us

  1. Non Resident/Checking Account, the initial deposit is £1,500.00 GBP
    (One Thousand, Five Hundred British Pounds Sterling’s only). This
    account has a maximum limit of funds deposit of £60,000.00 GBP only

  2. Corporate Account, the initial deposit is £2,500.00 GBP (Two
    Thousand, Five Hundred British Pounds Sterling’s only). This account
    does not have limit to receive funds or make transfers.

3: Domiciliary Account the initial deposit is £3,000.00 GBP (Three
Thousand, British Pounds Sterling’s only). This account does not have
limit to receive funds or make transfers, and it also control all
foreign currency in any denomination

  1. Fixed Deposit Account: the initial deposit is £10,000.00 GBP (Ten
    Thousand, British Pounds Sterling’s only). This account is for an
    investments purpose only

Fixed Deposit Account is also known as the Short Term Investments Funds
STIF. is a short-term Money Market investments product. The Tenor varies
from 30th days to 180 Days. These requirements for this deposit account
and the fixed deposit require a minimum investments amount acceptable is
£100,000.00 GBP and the initial deposit to open this account is
£10,000.00 GBP

PLEASE NOTE********: Upon the opening of the Non- Resident / Offshore
account in your favor with our BANK, your account numbers and the
security pin code to your account will be forwarded to you within 24
hours of activation. The activation fee is payable one time only and
full REFUNDABLE if we are unable to set up your account OR at the
termination of the account.

For further clarification, you are advice to contact us during our
Banking hour: 8:30 A.M-17:30 P.M, We will make ourselves accessible to
our clients as much as possible. Phone calls (Direct Line:+447925612015,
) or emails will be returned within twenty-four hours of receipt.

We appreciate your interest in Banking with us. While we look forward to
your prompt response

Warmest Regards,

Mr Rene Mathys
Head of Business Development and Relations,
Tel:+4479 2561 2015/+44 740 4434 369
Tele/Fax:+44 701 005 7628
Jyske Bank Private Banking London UK

I’ve shared this guy on here before, more than once.

Dear Partner,

How are you doing today?Hope fine.

Please let me know what is happening regards the opening of the Bank with the offshore Bank with the UK Bank.

Send me the account information if the account is open now, so that i can transfer this funds out of my Bank into the account without any delay.

Reply soonest

Mr Mikio Noguchi

Private Mobile:+81 50 5539 7592

“Mikio Noguchi” doesn’t seem to be following the chain quite correctly. He didn’t realize that Jyske Bank Manager “Mr. Rene Mathys” hasn’t responded yet.

Dear Partner

Thanks for your effort so far in this business i really appreciate

I will advice you to go-ahead and send all the documents to the Bank as require so that they can get the account open in your name immediately without any delay the Bank is a good and reliable doing this transaction with the Bank i have 99% confident on them, so do whatever the Bank require of you and get the account open with them in your name send me the information.

I wait to receive the account information from your once the account is open in your name

Mr Mikio Noguchi

The bank account that the scammers use:

BANK ADDRESS: 7 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4HD
Account name: Riliwanu Bako
Account number: 52825302
Sort CODE: 040075
Bic: GB25 REVO 0099 7065 2865 43
Swift Code :REVOGB21
Beneficiary Address: 395 MOSTON LANE,MANCHESTER M40 9PA

This IBAN has the correct length for this country (GB).
Bankleitzahl (bank code) 009970: This Bankleitzahl (bank code) is correct.
IBAN GB25REVO00997065286543: The IBAN checksum is correct.
Account number 65286543: Account checksum not checked.

This is a valid IBAN.
IBAN: GB25REVO00997065286543
Bank: Revolut LTD
SEPA Credit Transfer is supported.
SEPA Direct Debit is supported.
B2B is not supported.
SEPA Instant Credit Transfer is supported.
Data valid as of: —.

Dear Partner,

How are you doing today?Hope fine.

Please let me know what is happening regards the opening of the Bank with the offshore Bank with the UK Bank.

Send me the account information if the account is open now, so that i can transfer this funds out of my Bank into the account without any delay.

Reply soonest

Mr Mikio Noguchi

Private Mobile:+81 50 5539 7592