Re, Depression condition!!.

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Email title: Re, Depression condition!!.
Body: Good Morning,
I am in a terrible depression condition!!. I am a Russian British
citizen. I need your help. My name is Mrs Cagine Alan. I’m a
philanthropist. I am a trustee to Charity Org. called
Direct email: [email protected]
They operate only in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I
have a charity donation payment of $650,000 for mutual investment.
I once did Social Work activities business with you with a lot of support and I
lost your contact. I got your contact again through companies
directory information so I generally believed that you are good hence
I contacted you.
Note: This is me and my investment wish for the $650,000 donation.
I would want to partner with you if you are disposed to give a guide
on the best way to go about it . The only way to send funds to you
from here, as usual is through legal proceedings.That you are my
investment Guardian with Guardianship rights with court obligations.
After that, I will send a letter of proof to the bank to release the
fund to your account details. I request your understanding; small size
passport photo, ID card, resident address and phone number to proceed

Best regards

Mrs. Cagine Alan