Re: 🚚 📦Delivery of your package 🔔 Notification ID # 34632900-371 ✔️

“Check Here” Link:
(“InclusivityScams” :rofl: :rofl: How stupid can some really be?)

Redirects to:

Lastly redirects to: (MAIN LINK TO ACTUAL SCAM SITE!)

After pretending to schedule a delivery for this fake unknown package it sends you to here: Secure Checkout

“Click Here” Link: Unsubscribe
It asks for you to enter your email to allegedly unsubscribe then requests up to 10 days to process that.

I just clicked your link and entered my address and now I’m getting your package delivered to my address and I only had to pay the $2 lol. What a bargain.

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noooo, my package consisting of nothingness! how could you? :frowning_face: :rofl: