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I am Senator Ahmed I. Lawan the chairman of outstanding foreign payments I have been instructed by the office of the Vice President of Nigeria to find out before the end of this month, why the transfer of your fund have not been credited to your account, after instructions has been passed to all various Government quarters that all over due payments should be released as a lot of petitions by beneficiary’s has been received by the Office of the Vice president.

Following this report, I decided to carry out some investigations which lead to my finding out that some officials has decided to use this opportunity to milk so many innocent people of their money instead of having their funds transferred to them and at the same time trying to divert the funds to another account using the same information of the beneficiary or fake information and different account to receive the funds. They milk the beneficiaries of their money to use it for their own selfish act and at the end they end up not been able to.

Some even present themselves as the central bank governor and even the finance minister but still they will not be able to achieve their greedy act just milking money from the original beneficiaries. In this regards, the Vice President of the federation has instructed that we personally look into this payments and make sure that all payments should be granted a full/part payment which yours is full in the sum of $35.5million dollars as the budget for the year has been released and some amount has been mapped out for the payments.

However I will give my assistance to make sure your file is in order for payment as two people came for the claim of the fund and submitted an account saying that you are not well nor alive and no longer interested in the fund which I know is the hand work of the same people in question.

You are hereby advised to get back to this office for further verification and clarification as well.

Upon receiving a response from you formal application will be sent on your behalf to the office of the vice president and necessary approvals for this part/full payment will be released to you. Your prompt response or call or you can send me an email to [email protected] your reply will be highly appreciated to enable your payment to be released to your account.

Yours faithfully

Senator Ahmed I. Lawan


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