Ratting Scammers.

OK. Most of us know what this is, but not many of us do it. I am new to the community and I’m here for the sole purpose of ratting scammers and refunding their money. If anyone would like to do this with me. I can guide you to setting up a rat if you don’t already have one. I am sure this is not illegal on accord to what we will be doing with the unauthorized access gained of the scammers computer (Refunding all of the stolen money). At most this would be considered “Unethical”.

My contact info is here:

Skype - Luke Erickson ([email protected])

Discord - foeyloozer#4230


Good luck man, you better be good at manipulating and making stubs look real.

@Bryce#10562 Scammers are not the brightest. So if you have him a rat made in darkcomet then you can easily change the file extention to an more confusing stub. plus cryptors are not that hard to find.


This site isn’t for talking about how to RAT scammers. Please use our discord.