RATted - fake tech support 18009196052

Here’s their number: 18009196052

RATted 2 of their computers, stole data, contacted people who were scammed. Will be posting pictures of the scammer shortly.

Ask for Pawan Kumar.

Like pictures of their face?

Tried calling but they wont answer :confused:

@scraps210#9119 Yep. Face picture of pawan kumar

my man!

@Starmute#9124 lmfao. Guessing that’s his ID picture for the call center

I found it in his curriculum vitae file

Proof of RAT? @Starmute#9126

Good job. @Starmute#9130

@FuelDaFlame#9133 Thanks. Ran gruel on the computer after I stole enough data. lol

Should’ve formatted the hard drive so there is no way to get the data back.

@FuelDaFlame#9139 The RAT didn’t give me admin access, I did what I could. I destroyed everything that i could steal

Would there be any way to run this RAT with admin permissions?

Try to refund the people he scammed, if you can control it.

When building the RAT there should be a run as admin option

They got really scared when I asked for Pawan.

@FuelDaFlame#9167 Thanks, but there doesn’t seem to be that option. Are you talking about njRAT?

@trustednerd#9171 Lol did you record the call?

@trustednerd#9171 What did you call with? It wont go through with fireRTC.

@AnonyMouse#9164 already got a refund for one woman.

I don’t recommend njRat. I usually just use metasploit