"Rathook" TROJAN

Popup - http://rathook.cc/xarq0n

Registered via NameCheap on September 13, 2021 - Whois rathook.cc

Associated IP Address -

Associated Steam Accounts:
Steam Community :: CatholicGod (Lead developer)

Associated GitHubs:
aUniqueUser · GitHub
d3fc0n6 (braaaap master) / Repositories · GitHub

Associuated Reddit Account - braaaaaapboys (u/braaaaaapboys) - Reddit

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d3fc0n6 - YouTube
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The popup in question contains code from “The Annoying Site” designed to log users out of their accounts. It was created by Boat Rolling Inc., a group notorious for operating waves of cheater-bots in Team Fortress 2 (that spam links to the popup), extorting players for temporary “immunity” and doxxing fellow cheaters just for being bronies.

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Suspended now

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it seems his still going at it

His email is connected to his real name…
Name : Steven Kistner
Email : [email protected]