RatBaiter is a GitHub repository that provides a template for creating a fake remote access tool company website. The repository includes the HTML and CSS code used to create a convincing-looking website that appears to offer legitimate remote access tools. The website is actually designed to trick scammers into downloading a RAT such as AsyncRAT, LimeRAT, or another RAT of your choosing.

To lure scammers into downloading the RAT, the repository includes a text script that instructs you to call the scammers and pose as a new company that wants them to test their new RDP solution. The scammers are promised a small amount of money for their feedback.


looks cool, i might try it

but what is byehost33?

It is a Solution so you can host your website for free. There are other solutions. this was just an Example

tell me how it was if you did it.




it’s amazing! i already made the website and now on my way to rat scammers

did you change the website? if yes send me the link I am curious


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Ya know not a bad idea, especially since its about the only way they will be willing to download an .exe cause they are expecting it to be a legit piece of software.

I would use a zip archive with a loader or downloader in a shortcut just to be stealthy with it.

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Hey there friend we share the same interest hahaha, me and scambaited along with another individual have put together methods/vectors that correspond with the above idea. We have even built apon it with some more concepts. And I have put alot of work into the spreading of such things just about to start a “Campaign” here soon would love the input / help and would love to talk hahaha just dm me and ill be glad to give you my discord…Have a good one buddy


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