Rankings battles

Everyone wants to be first like R34P3R? Right? So do you. Taking the lead in the leaderboards.

So, 1337Mathster, When do I ever downvote your posts? I felt that you downvote some to most of my posts, from deleted posts to random posts. I really don’t ever downvote your posts and i seen R34P3R in the first because R34P3R likes posts like I do. One time I am in second place and I think you don’t like it so you downvoted my posts. I know some people think my posts doesn’t make any sense but i try my best to make as much sense as possiable. Anyways, I felt you downvoted my posts. I never done any bad to you. So i felt that you decided to downvote my posts, And have me be on the 5th rank. But R34P3R is on the first on the Top 1 in the leaderboard and you haven’t done a single thing(downvote) to him.

We can all agree upon something and can work with you to resole this.

I will stay on 4th place if you want to be second, as scambaiting is not popular that much. But if scambaiting is famous again i will join in. Here is my side of the view. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

@Jnteamed#5462 I hope an admin can check if somebody is mass down-voting users. I’ve noticed random posts of mine getting downvoted all at the same time. Not sure if it’s triggered scammers or if it’s somebody trying to compete for ranks.

@memes#5464 I notice 1337mathster mass downranking my post as i haven’t done a single thing to him/her. Plus I try to use the “I” statement instead of you because i try not to blame someone, I was just expressing my feeling on this type of downvoting.

Some moderators tends to mess with other users when they have the power to do so. But i am a different type of moderator. I don’t suspend users unless there is a excellent reason to do so and this is not one of the reason to do so. I usually use this privilages to rename posts. And watch for scammers. And i will give them fair warning before they get suspended.

@Jnteamed#5462 I will definitely look into that. No one should be downvoting users to bring up their own ranking, we aren’t a community competing for first, especially when it causes us to sabotage each other.

Upon inspection it seems that what you've said has, indeed, occurred. I'll get his side of the story and see what we end up with.

@R34P3R#5471 Thank you for your help, 1337Mathster downvoted some of my post, and i didn’t like it. So i have to upvote my posts, so if i didn’t do that, i would be have negative upvotes. As said, i haven’t downvote a single post from 1337mathster.

@Jnteamed#5483 so how’s everything now?