Raid on this number!

If you go to, it will take you to a fake Microsoft support website with a usual pop up. The popup has an ID number you need to type in on your phone to even call these guys. The phone number is 1 (888) 812 1174 . I had them on my Virtual Machine and 30 minutes in, they tried to syskey me. When they asked for my name, I answered with “Al Coholic” and they never noticed. Cheers!

EDIT: No ID is required.

@Nestastic#10217 How can we raid if we don’t have the id to get through to them?

Good point @scraps210#10223

@scraps210#10223 The ID is given on the popup


@FuelDaFlame#10224 I looked back on the popup, and the ID is no longer there and no ID is required to call them anymore.

@Nestastic#10228 “Please enter the 5 digit computer id shown on the screen”…

Accidentally attached the wrong number. The number is 1 (888) 812 1174. Sorry about that.

Are they disconnected? Getting a busy tone.

@trustednerd#10233 They worked earlier for me.

Worked for me a bit ago…

Are you sure they are even working at this time?

1174 was working a few hours ago, now just a busy signal.

You can find numbers on hxxp:// too.