Quickbooks scam

Scam Number: 833-603-0120 and 805-327-6611
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam:
This guy might not be a scam as he said his name was Abhi from internal accounting services for 833-603-0120, but 805 was “Steve from quickbooks suppoat”

Steve callback 289-207-9138

805-327-6611 Daniel Tuesday 5-28-24 12:54PM EST

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“Internal Accounting Services” is the primary alias for the long running, infamous ADVSoft scam organization.

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805-327-6611 Still Active Wednesday 5-29-24 11:17AM EST

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805-327-6611 Still Active Thursday 5-30-24

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805-327-6611: Daniel from the Quickbooks Dextop Support says his favorite color is blue.

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This is how corrupt leftoid commie Google is.
I expect nothing less from this vermin shitstain on decent western democracy society
A distinct search for Inuit Quickbooks and this appears with one of their almost 900 genuine numbers

These scamtards using a clone of the Las Vegas PD website to lend legitimacy to their bullshit is typical lowlife fucktardry from these low intelligence festering germs

805-327-6611 Still Active Steve Friday 5-31-24 10:11AM EST
289-207-9138 Call Back Steve

412-543-8497‬ Still Active

805-327-6611 Still Active Tuesday 6-4-24 2:56PM EST
412-543-8497 Still Active
800-892-0480 Call Back

877-926-4920 Call Back

805-327-6611 Still Active Sam Wednesday 6-5-24 11:29AM EST
800-892-0480 Still Active
877-926-4920 Still Active Dan
972-848-1694 Call Back
567-384-4647 Call Back

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Dan told me to log in to support.me. The code: 540928

805-327-6611 Still Active David Thursday 6-6-24 12:15PM EST

800-892-0480 Still Active Adam

877-926-4920 Still Active

972-848-1694 Still Active Adam

800-892-0480 Still Active

805-327-6611 Still Active David Monday 6-10-24 11:06AM EST

805-327-6611 Still Active David Tuesday 6-11-24 1:46PM EST

805-327-6611 Still Active Daniel