Quick Question About Scambaiting

Quick question. You know how scambaiters have VMs that scammers connect to in order to carry out the rest of their scam? What if, while on the isolated VM (network discovery turned off), you forgot to turn on your VPN on the VM and the scammer got your IP address? What’s the worst they can really do with your real IP address and VM that doesn’t have the VPN on? Thanks for any help!


I think the IP addresses would largely be used for simple scare tactics, as the benchodes are honestly too stupid to even initiate a DDoS attack.


don’t worry most scammers doessnt even actually knows whats an Ip Address and even if they knew what it is and how to find exploits/DDoS and more… why would they do that? they dont wanna waste their time on you they have more “Importent” things to do

Lenny would like to know their location.


Thank you all so much for the replies to my initial question! But I have some follow-up questions.

1. Do scambaiters usually use VPNs on their VMs?
2. Say the scammer is connected to your VM. What’s the worst they can do on the VM if your VPN off?