I have a pretty dogwater pc, and I’m wondering if it takes much to run something like a windows 7 VM. I have an Amd a8 9600 4c/t cpu (35nm process I believe) r7 igpu with 8gb ram 2400 mtps ddr4 ram (1200mhz) and a sata ssd if that matters.

Also what Software do you recommend running the VM in? Currently just use my desktop which although has a good antivirus is still a big no no if you want to connect their pc’s. Also any good voice changers? Thanks in advance.

yeah @hamisbetterthanscam
you can use Vmware for your virtual machine used by jim browning
also use clownfish voice changer it has custom pitch
dont forget the vpn protonvpn or windscribe both free

K I already use clownfish Thanks a bunch @Busters!

How should I go about installing the OS? Thinking of running windows ME.

Thanks in advance.