Question on STIR/SHAKEN

Hello, all. First of all, thank you everyone for the great information shared and scambaiting! I have spoken with numerous really knowledgeable and interesting people on this forum. In light of this fact, I’ve figured I’d ask you folks a question: What was the purpose of Federal Government implementing STIR/SHAKEN when it does not seem to do much?

I’ve run into several scams today, for example. I have noticed that as a general trend scams originate from VOIP numbers provided by Century Link, Peerless Network, Twilio and few others. I’ve contacted all of them. Needless to say, all of these providers say one of two things: i) It’s a spoofed number and we have nothing to do with it, or ii) We notified our end customer and would have them investigate on their end. I doubt that they are telling the truth, as I’d often call the scamming numbers back and get real people answering there, which likely means these numbers are not spoofed. Can’t VOIP providers be held accountable for scams originating on their networks???

I am just curious to learn more, so any insight or feedback would be helpful!

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