[Question] How do I prevent scammers from blacking the screen in a virtual machine?

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I set up scambaiting VMs for my partner to use when scambaiting. He’s not as technical as I am so I make the machines for him. I’m wondering how people prevent scammers from using “blank screen” and “prevent remote input” on their virtual machines. I’ve seen in done in scambaiting videos but I’d like to employ some of the same techniques to make my VMs a bit more robust and so I can see what they’re doing.

I think TeamViewer doesn’t allow free users to blank screen any more, but it’s still in AnyDesk and GoToAssist and many others, and I’m wondering how to work around it.



I think there is no way to work around the blank screen in other remote access software (or at least i haven’t still found a way)

The only way on how to work around the blank screen is the ‘social engineering’ way. When the scammer asks you if your screen is blank, say no - i can still see the desktop. Then they might toggle it off. Then tell them it’s blank.

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Send CTRL+Alt+Del Then You will Be Able To Move The Mouse And See The Screen

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I’ve heard that you could also RAT your own machine, so you can always see. It’s been a while, is nanocore still the go to for that?