Question about Skype

Can tech support scammers trace your IP through Skype? Can they also find your account?

I'm asking because for some reason I can't hear any audio over FireRTC. I did waste 30 minutes with a guy trying to fix my MacOS VM via Skype so I'm asking if they can do that. I didn't use a VPN though.

I don’t believe that is possible, however, you should use a VPN when you plan on having a scammer connect to your virtual machine as they can get it from there easily.

@MTS11648#2178 Thanks for the reply. Which VPN should I use?

Yes! It is possible! Skype uses voip and with a simple netstat command they can find you easily. Use a vpn!

No they cannot get your IP if you are calling a number.

@ASCII#2179 i use betternet

even if you were calling a skype account you still cant get the ip of a caller from skype. All the ips listed under skype are skype bots