Question about receiving donations

Good morning!
I’m running on an hour of sleep tops, so I hope this all makes sense. Here we go. :slight_smile:
As I grow my audience for streams and random videos I upload, I would love to get donations if people want to show their appreciation for my work to help offset some of the cost I have for putting the streams together, additional software purchases, etc. I would be perfectly fine if I never got donations, but if people want to I would love to give them an avenue to.
I’m thinking of using buy me a coffee, because lots of people seem to do that. However, in order for me to get the money, I assume I have to link it to a bank account, paypal, etc. I don’t really want this traceable back to my real identity, but I’m super dubious about setting up a paypal account using my scambaiting name and then essentially paying myself so I can put the money into my bank. Am I being overly paranoid? Does buy me a coffee actually keep all of my info safe and invisible to everybody?
I could probably look all of this up and figure it out myself, but some of you have a ton more experience with all aspects of scambaiting than I do, and I like to ask the collective. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

I would just accept crypto, then use crypto to buy stuff. Or, give out referral links if you have any, where they credit your account for signups - I think this second method is traceable though if linked to real identity.

Drop a link to your channel too, it would help :wink: