Publishers Clearing house scam (516) 259-6139

I won 3.5 million !! Whoot. See ya later sucks!

@MajorLeeAwesome#187377 Jamaican scambitch with a real potty mouth. Don’t ever call her “fat” whatever you do. :grin:

Rang 5 Damn … They had my mum hooked til brothers stepped in …

@Draco#187383 If they don’t answer, they call you back.

So I got a 2 day long 100+ call scam bait going with “James Anderson” after winning 3.5 million and a free car plus 7 grand a week. All I have to do is pay $10,555 in taxes reduced to $9999 when the bank would not give me over 10K. He gave me a name and address in NC to send it to but I got the money “back” from fedex when Jamacian lady pissed me off. So today he gave me an addresss in UT to send it to. Is it even worth trying to do something with these addresses or should i just keep him hanging for as long as possible?